School Year Programs

School Year Programs

School Year Programs

Going back to school is a critical time for students, adjusting to new routines and the social interactions with friends can be quite daunting. Capturing your child’s focus on learning early in the school year will provide them the greatest chance to adjust to their academic schedule and flourish. Genius Nation gives your child that opportunity, tutoring students early in the academic year and ensuring that they stay ahead of their work, even into the next grade level.

Our School year programs run from September to June; registration is available for single sessions, monthly sessions or semestered sessions.


It was great to have my child get a feel for the work of the grade he will be going into in September. Good job Genius Nation.

- Marian

It’s really a good way of keeping the children academically active during the long summer break.


Genius Nation covered some advanced topics for the kids, Overall, much needed program.

- Natalie